Thu. Apr 15th, 2021
Mumbai University announces online winter examination for degree, PG courses

A pattern almost like the one adopted for conducting final-year exams, the University of Mumbai (MU) Thursday announced that the winter exams for degree and postgraduate courses, beginning next month, also will be held online. Mumbai University announces an online winter examination for degrees. While the duration for winter exams has been reduced, some exams will include part multiple-choice questions and part descriptive questions.

MU has also ruled out conducting re-evaluation for any exams unlike within the past. The circular said the clusters of schools created by MU for final-year exams are going to be used for winter exams also. While colleges of a specific cluster will announce a consistent timetable for exams. Answer sheets are going to be assessed by teachers online from computer laboratories in colleges.

University of Mumbai (NEWS):

The university said that each one of the practical exams, projects, and viva voce is going to be conducted by colleges within the online mode from December 10. Students also can prefer to appear for oral exams through telephones. Also, an issuing bank is going to be prepared by colleges for all courses. Exams for traditional courses under arts, science, and commerce, alongside management studies, got to be conducted before New Year’s Eve. The circular informed colleges, adding that the duration of those exams is going to be one hour. Mumbai University announces an online winter examination for degree courses involving internal exams or term work. Colleges are required to upload marks of scholars by December 24, it added


Meanwhile, degree exams for professional courses, including technical ones. MCA (Masters in Computer Applications), pharmacy, and architecture are often conducted before January 15, next year. For postgraduate exams of professional courses, a separate circular is going to be released, it said.

The exams are going to be conducted for less than those students of graduate, postgraduate, and diploma courses who apply for an equivalent in time

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