Fri. May 7th, 2021
Sir W. Arthur Lewis: Google celebrates economist, professor with doodle

Sir W. Arthur Lewis Google Doodle: Google is celebrating St. Lucian economist, professor, and author Sir W. Arthur Lewis, who is taken into account together of the pioneers. The field of recent development economics, with its doodle on Thursday. Google celebrates economist professor. Its illustrated by Manchester-based guest artist Camilla Ru.

Google celebrates economist, professor with doodle

Sir W. Arthur Lewis: Google celebrates economist

A trailblazer not only in his research, but Lewis was also the primary Black academician at the London School of Economics, the primary Black to carry a chair during a British university (at Manchester University), and therefore the first Black instructor to receive full professorship at Princeton University.
Born on January 23, 1915, in Castries on the Caribbean Island of St. Lucia, at the time a British colony, Lewis won a government scholarship in 1932 despite facing challenges with racism.

He visited study at the London School of Economics, where he eventually earned a doctorate in industrial economics. Lewis quickly ascended the ranks of academia and by 33 was a full professor—one of the very best distinctions of a tenured professor.

Lewis shifted his focus to world economic history and economic development and in 1954 published his foundational article “Economic Development with Unlimited Supplies of Labour.” Among many valuable accomplishments, Lewis contributed influential work to the United Nations and shared his expertise as an adviser to governments in Africa, Asia, and therefore the Caribbean. Google celebrates economist professor. He also helped establish and served because as the first president of the Caribbean Development Bank.

In honor of his lifelong achievements, the British government knighted Lewis in 1963.

He breathed his last on June 15, 1991, in Bridgetown, Barbados, and was buried within the grounds of the St. Lucian junior college named in his honor.

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